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Spontaneous Applause From the Floor

Mr Tercek was a lively and provocative speaker. He used humor and bold statements backed up with solid market data to stir the audience to reconsider some of the industry’s sacred cows. Several times his comments were punctuated by spontaneous applause from the floor. It is my pleasure to give Robert Tercek my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker. He will deliver valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner.

John Kilcullen

President and Group Publisher

Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter

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Artificial Intelligence : 9

Automation : 8

Big Data : 9

Cloud : 9

Colonialism : 4

decentralization : 1

Decolonization : 3

Economics : 9

Education : 2

Gaming : 5

Identity : 10

Internet of Things : 8

Metaverse : 6

Mobile : 9

SaaS : 12

Social Media : 6

Television : 5

Web3 : 8

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Video Tonality

Creativity : 9

Innovation : 10

Insightful : 23

Inspirational : 9

Vision : 18

Clarity : 16

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Robert Tercek is a charismatic keynote speaker with a unique visual style. He is in constant demand for his original presentations on the topics of the future of media, society and collaborative creativity. He shares his vision of applied innovation at conferences, university symposia, and corporate events around the world.

Robert is represented by Jay Kemp of Provoke Management ( for public speaking engagements and private corporate events and workshops. Find out how Robert can make your event a success by contacting Jay @

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The Future of Digital Media Services

Robert Tercek talks about the evolution of communication, the rollout of 5G and the state of digital transformation at the AT&T Business Summit.

Webinar: NFT Use Cases

Robert's 90-minute webinar about novel use cases for non-fungible tokens (NFT). On behalf of GS1 US, the organization that governs data standards for the global supply chain.

Will We Be Citizens or Subjects of the Metaverse?

Hundreds of companies have announced plans to invest, collectively, billions of dollars to construct virtual worlds known as the Metaverse. What role will be assigned to the people who populate these privately-owned worlds?

what's next after next

What's Next After What's Next

Rob Tercek surveys the trends that spurred unprecedented growth during the past decade and provides four scenarios for the next ten years. He concludes by highlighting the drive towards decentralization that challenges the domination of the planetary-scale tech giants.

decolonize the metaverse

Decolonize the Metaverse!

Tercek's closing keynote was called "amazing" by the host of the USC Entertainment Technology Center summit. In the race to the Metaverse, Tercek explains, the Internet giants seem to be hellbent on repeating the worst of the colonial era, exposing striking parallels between colonial conquest and modern information empires of the mind.

Vaporized in Istanbul

Vaporized Keynote in Istanbul

Will your business be vaporized? Robert's keynote speech at the Istanbul Innovation Summit describes the dynamics behind a technology trend that is redefining the global economy. This talk provides deep context for recent innovations in mobile computing, IoT, and an evolving media landscape.

optimized for the future

Leading With Distinction at AT&T

Rob Tercek was invited to give the opening keynote speech at AT&T's 5000-attendee event Leading With Distinction. Most people think that 5G is about faster bandwidth and low latency, but that's not the whole story. In Tercek's view, the potential of 5G to to transform the industries that are optimized for the network.

age of anxiety

The Age of Anxiety Keynote at Cap Gemini

This speech addresses the urgent topic of ethics and values in technology. The convergence of several innovative technologies, including 5G, AI, VR/AR/MR Spatial Computing, will create unprecedented opportunity, but they also introduce a range of new hazards that have the potential to disrupt democracy and society.


Robert Tercek, an international authority on the topic of dematerialization, shares perspectives on the acceleration of the process of digital transformation during the pandemic. This talk updates his "Vaporized" thesis for the moment which the world's information empires dominated the stock market.


Tercek Keynote at DockerCon

This opening keynote speech at DockerCon 2018 by Robert Tercek puts the explosive growth of Docker's container-based virtualization software into the broader context of accelerating innovation. Rob Tercek shared his perspectives about how the cloud is shaping innovation in the Age of Dematerialization.

voices of autority

Voices of Authority with host Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders, the host of Voices of Authority, invited Rob Tercek to talk about the ways that the pandemic had accelerated digital transformation and, especially, the process of dematerialization.

next trillion dollar idea

The Next Trillion Dollar Platform

Which companies will create the next trillion-dollar platform? In this keynote speech for NEBSA in February 2022, digital technology strategist Robert Tercek provides three lenses to bring the future into focus: dematerialization, decentralization and democratization. This talk sets forth four different scenarios for Internet evolution during the next five to ten years.

opening keynote at the Sheffield Doc


What is the role of a documentary filmmaker in a world where everything is recorded and stored? Rob Tercek predicts filmmakers will become creative activists. His controversial opening keynote speech at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival includes observations about the evolution of television, painting, photography, live performance, social media, and many other types of media transformed by new technology.

Robert Tercek at TEDxMarin May 2011: “Reclaiming The Power of Personal Narrative”

TEDx: “Reclaim The Power of Personal Narrative”

The evolution from one-way broadcasting to social media has changed the landscape for storytellers. It's now possible for individual activists to tell industrial-strength stories that can change the world.


The Future of Education

How will digital technology reshape education? Award-winning author and digital pioneer Robert Tercek explored this question at a special conference at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, where experts from all over the world were invited to participate in planning for the new Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Digital Arts.

decoded esp 01 IOT

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 1: Internet of Everything (IoT)

What is the “Internet of Everything?” Futurist Robert Tercek discusses IoT and how devices unlock radical new possibilities for a more connected future.

Decoded episode 2, AI

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Robert Tercek discusses the growing prevalence of AI systems in our everyday lives and their potential to produce even greater transformation in the years ahead.

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 3: Sensors

Futurist Robert Tercek discusses how sensors are driving transformation with the help of machine-readable, consistent, persistent identity.

decoded by gs1

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 4: Identity Standards

Futurist Robert Tercek explains how identity standards enable smart devices to speak the same language and transform the world around us.

Decoded Eps 05, Circular Economy

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 5: Circular Economy

Futurist Robert Tercek explains how hybrid physical and digital identity will contribute to a more sustainable future.

Decoded eps 06 The cloud

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 6: The Cloud

Futurist Robert Tercek discusses the rapid development of cloud capabilities and how advancements are contributing to disruptive technologies.

Decoded eps 07

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 7: Robotics

Futurist Robert Tercek provides insight into how automation and robotics are revolutionizing business as we know it.

Decoded eps 08 5G

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 8: 5G Technology

The potential of 5G goes beyond faster internet and increased bandwidth. Futurist Robert Tercek explains the evolution of this revolutionary technology.

Decoded eps 09 the blockchain

DeCoded by GS1 US - Chapter 9: Blockchain

Futurist Robert Tercek looks beyond the hype and discusses potential applications for blockchain rooted in unique, verifiable digital identity.

coercion and cooperation


Rob Tercek was invited to address why Pay TV companies are so bad at innovation. But in his view, they are not bad at innovation: the problem is that the business model of TV is based on a completely closed architecture and private infrastructure. So it's not optimized for collaborative creativity. Instead, Pay TV is optimized for coercion.

information transformation


As a society, we humans now generate new information faster than anything else that we've ever produced. Each of us creates an immense amount of new information each day, not just by writing and posting videos, but also through our consumption, our behavior and our habits. We even generate new information when we are asleep! The sheer amount of information generated by humans is increasing at a staggering exponential rate, doubling every two days, and that's just the beginning of an incredible transformation.


Beyond Imagination at the Creativity World Forum

Oklahoma City was the site of the annual gathering of the Creativity World Forum. Delegates from all over the world joined an audience of thousands to participate in workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations and to hear the perspectives of leading thinkers on the topics of innovation and applied creativity. I was the host of a discussion about technology aiding the creative process.

Robert Tercek Moderates digital convergence forum


The Digital Convergence Forum, brought to you by GS1 US®, is moderated by Robert Tercek, Digital Futurist. Listen as he reviews the explosive growth of data, the internet of things, and interoperability.

New Innovation at GS1 Connect

Robert Tercek, award-winning author and expert in launching new digital services, discusses how important it is to understand the evolving innovations around us.

PBS and the future of television

PBS and The Future of Television

How will Public Broadcasting be affected by turmoil and transformation in the commercial TV industry? The speech begins at 5:28 after the introductory video clip about PBS Digital.


Is Television Being Disrupted - Of course it is!

This talk examines the many new developments outside of the TV industry that have undermined the old ecosystem and replaced it with a new, far more volatile ecosystem. If you pine for a new TV ecosystem, or if you are fed up with the old pay TV system, you'll enjoy this talk very much.


Education Beyond the Machine Age

Innovation in education systems tends to occur rather slowly, at the stately pace of big government institutions. But innovation in the economy is happening at a rapid clip, and by some measures it is accelerating. In particular, technologies that will displace workers (robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, virtualization, remote communication, telepresence, collaboration) are improving much faster than the economy can create new jobs.

rise of digital services


Every person in this audience of 5000 small business owners is keenly aware of the challenges presented by digital transformation. The question is: what are you planning to do about it? Keynote speaker Robert Tercek contends that every business today must design, launch and expand a digital service by unlocking the information value that is embedded in physical goods and traditional processes.


Welcome to the Game-Based Society

Gabe Zichermann, who coined the term "Gamification" and introduced the concept of game-based marketing, invited Robert Tercek to join him at the Gamification Summit in San Francisco. Gabe suggested that Rob speak about "Game Based Society", which led to an exploration the idea of putting games everywhere in the real world: in cities, shopping malls, cars and more.

What they say about Robert


Robert Tercek Is A Top Tier Professional

JD Power had a great experience working with keynote speaker Robert Tercek. I am proud to give him my highest recommendation to any event planner. Rob is a top tier professional who put in a lot of extra effort into developing original material that was customized for our audience. At J.D. Power, we know what excellence looks like, and Rob Tercek is an excellent keynote speaker and emcee.

Thomas Bontempo

Vice President GBI



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