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He will guide your entire team to converge on a shared strategic vision.

It’s not easy to find an outsider who can work with senior leaders at the top of their game and challenge their thinking. Rob exceeded everyone’s expectations. He can help any company examine the scope, scale and pace of digital transformation. These projects were a big success for Unity. And the process was fun and inspiring.

John Riccitiello




Robert is the founder and CEO of General Creativity, a strategic advisory firm that is focused on long range planning and new product launches. He also serves as a strategic advisor to a small number of early-stage startup ventures.

General Creativity consulting services include:

  • Business strategy
  • Future forecasting and scenario planning
  • Digital strategy for Web 3 and NFT digital assets
  • Metaverse conceptualization
  • Brand activation and management in emerging media
  • Patent strategy and intellectual property management

All consulting and advisory engagements are strictly confidential. Please visit the General Creativity web site to learn more about consulting and advisory services.

Tercek’s clientele include the following organizations.

Technology and telecom:

AT&T, AMD, IBM, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Huawei, Nokia, Google Marketing, Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Unity Technologies, and Docker Technology.

Media and entertainment:

Viacom, WarnerMedia (TimeWarner), Sony, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, NBC Channels, NBC Universal International, ACCeS France, MediaSet Italy, EutelSat, Viacom18 India, Gazprom Media Russia, InterPublic Group, Lollapallooza Festival, Reed-MIDEM, Reed Exhibitions.


PwC, EY, Deloitte, Cap Gemini, Pariveda Solutions, IDEO Japan.

Government agencies, standards bodies, and trade associations:

GS1 US, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian Media Producers Association, the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the City of Adelaide, Events South Australia, European Lotteries, North American State and Provincial Lotteries.

Time Warner

What they say about Robert



Rob helps us immeasurably. He is a diplomat, a bridge-builder and a great evangelist. I trust him to speak to prospective customers and ecosystem partners and to interview our new hires. I’ve never met a more dynamic speaker who can conjure up a vision of the near future that is so compelling that it converts every one to true believers. If you are considering adding a Board member or a strategic advisor to your company, I completely trust, rely on, and highly recommend Robert Tercek and his firm General Creativity.

Frank Chindamo

Founder and CEO

Virtual Film School


Make Your Enterprise Better and Smarter

Engage this man (if you can) to consult to your company at length, or even to take the most cursory glance, at whatever you are endeavoring. Robert Tercek will make your enterprise better, smarter and more profitable.

Carl Bressler

Founder and CEO

Montana Artists Agency


Lucid, Knowledgeable, Uncanny

Rob is one of the most lucid, knowledgeable and charismatic new media executives I have encountered. He also has an uncanny ability to instantly recognize the market potential of a new application or business which would be too impenetrable to most.

Anthony Stonefield

Head of Applications and Services Ecosystem India, Middle East & Africa



Phenomenal Expertise and Vision

Rob was a great and close partner for us. He brought phenomenal technical expertise and vision, and he also brought an excitement and fun to doing business together. To his personal credit the business was always done as a highly professional, open, fair and mutually beneficial partnership. Highly recommended!

Tim Chambers

Senior Vice President

Sony Digital Services


If You Crave Original Thought, He’s Your Man!

Rob is utterly inspiring, extremely visionary, very knowledgeable, with humiliating scope, international awareness across many different cultures and great fun to work with on top. If you need insight, if you crave for original thought, if you dare thinking beyond just the next step, he is your man!

Volker Hirsch

Global Head of Business Development, Games

Research In Motion


We Got Excellent ROI From Our Work With Rob

I strongly recommend Robert Tercek of General Creativity to any organization that is preparing for big changes. He can engage with your leadership team to address major changes and challenges. He offers incisive strategic thinking and a unique ability to express complex ideas in plain language. I believe that Rob can help any company deeply examine the scope, scale and pace of digital transformation.

John Riccitiello


Unity Software


A Dynamic Creative Thinker

As a startup, one of our biggest challenges is weighing opportunity against focus. Rob's workshop helped us extract fresh ideas from our team and reinforce mutual ownership and clarity of our vision. Applying such a dynamic creative thinker to our business processes continues to deliver incredible value.

Patrick Kearney

Chief Strategy Officer

Xen, Inc.


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