General Creativity Consulting

Strategic Advisory services:  I work closely with the CEOs and leadership of selected companies on matters of strategic significance.  This is a long term engagement offered to very few companies.   Learn more.

Innovation Process Consulting:   Sometimes a company gets stuck in a rut.    That’s when I get a call from the CEO.   If your product development cycle is busted or your brand strategy needs an overhaul, contact me.  I’ve helped some great companies get back on track by implementing new systems for managing innovation.  Learn more.

Brainstorming Workshops:  For optimal results, every company should tune up their creative collaboration skills on a regular basis.   In just one or two days, I can help a product team or an entire company master new skills to manage collaboration and the creative process. Learn more.

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Rob is one of the most lucid, knowledgeable and charismatic executives I have encountered. He has an uncanny ability to instantly recognize the market potential of a new application or business which would be too impenetrable to most. Internationally, Rob stands amongst the few true visionaries.

Anthony Stonefield
Head of Applications and Services India, Middle East & Africa Nokia