Leading With Distinction at AT&T

Robert Tercek was invited to be the opening speaker at AT&T's internal management meeting, Leading With Distinction. The focus of his remarks was AT&T's new 5G network. Faster bandwidth and low latency are not the whole 5G story: AT&T's 5G Network is also autonomous and self-healing, like a vast distributed artificial intelligence. That combination holds the potential to transform many industries. This talk takes the audience on a wild tour of the near future where media, entertainment, health care, shopping and advertising are re-shaped by hyperconnectivity and AI. This speech is illustrated with many examples from current deployed technology, and it also exposes the economics and network dynamics that shape successful businesses today. Consider it a master class in planning and designing digital services that scale to planetary level. Throughout the speech, Tercek invited the 4000 people who were viewing the talk from AT&T offices nationwide to join in by sending in their comments and observations via the smartphone app for the event. Their contributions confirmed that even this mobile telecommunications giant is on the brink of massive transformation.

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