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About the X Media Lab in Melbourne

Wow, what a weekend.  I am seriously jet-lagged.    Just returned from X-Media Lab, which is an intensive three-day workshop held periodically in different cities throughout Asia:  Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Mumbai.   Last weekend XML took place in Melbourne, Australia.

How XML works:  ten individuals with experience in digital media arrive from all corners of the globe.  16 companies are chosen for the workshop from a competitive field.   On the first day, the experts present their vision and background as it pertains to the subject matter of the lab.  (Our topic was “DIY Media”).   During the next two days, each of the 16 companies has the opportunity to review their project in one-on-one sessions with the experts.   The result is a combination of brainstorming, pitching, debate, challenge, refinement and collaborative creativity.   Very fun.  It’s unlike any other conference.

The XML workshop is the brainchild of Australian impressario Brendan Harkin.   He and his tireless partner Megan Elliott make the whole thing work:  coordinating the travel of 10 speakers, finding and screening the projects, securing the venue and government support. Continue Reading

Fostering creativity in the workplace

What’s the best way to harness the collective creativity of the entire group of people in your company?

The typical brainstorming session is a bust.  People consider brainstorming a waste of time, or a dead end, or a pointless battle, or a rubber stamp for some executive’s idea.  One of the primary results of the typical brainstorming session is jaded employees.  Surely we can do better!

I recently spent a weekend in a workshop focused on providing attendees with new skills for collaboration on creative projects.   The event was presented by Humantific, the people who have created the NextD movement, and it was hosted at the offices of Martha Stewart Omnimedia on the West Side of Manhattan. Continue Reading