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VIDEO Robert Tercek at TED x Marin: “Reclaiming The Power of Personal Narrative”

Here’s the video of my recent speech at TEDxMarin.  The theme of the event was “Communication Revolution”.  The organizers invited me to speak about the future of television, social media and personal storytelling.

Robert Tercek at TEDxMarin May 2011: “Reclaiming The Power of Personal Narrative” from Robert Tercek on Vimeo.

TED talks are all about passion and ideas.   The ideas that get me most excited these days don’t come from big corporations or even startup ventures.  They tend to come from individuals who are working outside of the context of business entirely.   I decided to focus my comments on four activists who are using media to tell stories that literally change the world.  I find these people very inspiring.   They are some of the 85 Creative Activists sponsored by the Creative Visions Foundation, where I have been involved on a volunteer basis.

It’s official. I’ve joined the board of Visual DNA!

Today  the UK firm Visual DNA announced that Robert Tercek has joined their Board of Directors.   Here’s the link to the TechCrunch coverage.
For several years, Visual DNA has been developing sophisticated tools for online publishers and advertisers, operating as Imagini Europe.  Now the company is Continue Reading

Collaborative approach to disasters

This week I gave a presentation to Fortune 500 executives at the Marketing Forum on my favorite subject, collaborative creativity.  Although my talk was focused on social media for marketing purposes, I included many examples of “incomplete content” where the participation of the audience is necessary for a complete content experience.   This principle extends to a broad range of online experiences, from online community to multiplayer games to citizen journalism.   My argument is that marketers in a two-way network must foster “brand experiences” that people can participate in and contribute to, rather than passively view.  It’s the difference between an “impression” and an “expression”.

Now, today, here’s a great example of a small group of people harnessing the power of social media for the greater good. Blogger Nate Ritter has launched a program to utilize social software to generate alerts and a public address system for natural disasters.   Check out his blog post and then click through to IdeaBlob to vote for this idea so Nate’s team can win the funding necessary to bring this project to completion.

Surely this project merits the financial support of a major marketer, such an an insurance company or financial services firm (okay, maybe this is the wrong week to mention marketing spend by financial services companies).   But seriously, what better way to give people a brand experience than Nate’s project, especially if your brand involves security, safety and wellbeing?

BTW, I notice that IdeaBlob is supported by Advanta.  Smart positioning for Advanta, dontcha think?