Strategic Advisory

I work closely with the CEOs and leadership of selected companies on matters of strategic significance.  This is a long term engagement offered to very few companies.    My criteria for selecting the companies in my portfolio of Advisory clientele include team chemistry and industry sector.  I prefer to work with teams that have superb chemistry and on problems in rapid-growth sectors pertinent to my current areas of research. 

The primary objective for a Strategic Advisor is to build up shareholder value.  The typical engagement is for one or two years. I participate as an extension of the management team, collaborating directly with the relevant department heads to prepare and execute the strategy.  

My former Advisory clients include these pioneering firms with successful exits:   

  • BrightCove,  the leading video hosting platform and online video player solution.   IPO in 2012.
  • ScoreLoop AG, the most advanced platform and SDK for developing mobile social games and virtual currencies.   Acquired by Research in Motion in 2011. 
  • M:Metrics, the leader in audience measurement for mobile content and smartphone applications.  Acquired by ComScore in 2008.
  • NevenVision, a leading provider of biometric and photo recognition technologies.  Acquired by Google in 2006.
  •, was the first music platform to enable a collection of songs to be streamed to and played back from any Web-connected device.  Founded by veterans from Nullsoft.   Acquired by Yahoo in 2004.

I am proud to serve as an Advisor to these innovative companies:

  • Blurb enables anyone to design, print and publish their own beautiful custom books,  including photo books, wedding albums, cookbooks and travel memoirs. 
  • Filmbreak enables members to interact, collaborate and engage online to create films, promote their talents and obtain financing and distribution for independently-produced motion pictures.
  • Fuhu, Inc., creators of the nabi, Fooz Kids and urDrive, is a leading provider of cloud-served software, applications and services that are dedicated to creating deep and engaging user experiences on a range of consumer devices.   Ranked among the Lead411’s “Hot 90” Technology Companies in Southern California. 
  • is the best online dating site for the relationship-minded GLBT community. 
  • is the first social dating network to offer singles true “Interest Matching” and a more personal way to meet new people.   Find dates who share your real interests, mutual friends and current photos from your social networks – with complete privacy control.
  • Skyrockit.  With more than a decade of experience creating award-winning mobile entertainment and apps, this company has evolved from mobile media distribution company Moderati to a full blown mobile entertainment agency.
  • enables you to connect to millions of other people based on mutual interests generated from interaction in social networks.

Rob is one hell of a guy: utterly inspiring, extremely visionary, very knowledgeable, international awareness across many different cultures and great fun to work with. If you need insight, if you crave for original thought, if you dare thinking beyond just the next step, he is your man!

Volker Hirsch
Global Head of Business Development, Games Research In Motion