Innovation Process Consulting

Sometimes a company gets stuck in a rut.  The new products aren’t working.  The brand may have lost its glow.   The customers are unimpressed.    You need to reboot your innovation process. 

That’s when I typically get a phone call from the CEO looking for help.  

If your product development cycle is busted or your brand strategy needs an overhaul, contact me.   I can help. I’ve helped some terrific companies get back on track by implementing new systems for managing innovation.   As a neat side effect, you’ll find employee morale and product quality improve dramatically, too.

A successful engagement begins with diagnosis.  Sometimes the issues lie in the configuration of a team, the division of responsibility or matching the skills to the task.  Sometimes stagnation is the result of external factors, such as changing market conditions and new disruptive competition.   No matter the cause, I will work collaboratively with your team to devise a new methodology that unlocks creative ideas and speeds them to the market. 

Here’s how one client described my process:

Thanks to Robert’s efforts, we had a highly successful “reboot” of our product pipeline that was well received by all of our distribution partners and the Board of Directors. He ran brainstorming sessions, design reviews, creative workshops and product design sessions along with roundtable discussions with the product and development teams. The result was that we revised the entire product lineup and set new delivery dates. Robert, myself and the senior management team then conducted near-term and long-term planning sessions for the release and marketing of the new product lineup, and we reviewed progress weekly against milestones.

Very few individuals could have accomplished this. Robert’s level of professionalism and his passion to create market-leading digital products anywhere in the world are unparalleled. It is also important to note that self-motivated people enjoy working with Robert very much, and he can leave a profound long-lasting impact on a product team.

Scott Jensen, President and CEO, Vindigo Inc.

Engage this man (if you can) to consult to your company at length, or even to take the most cursory glance at whatever you are endeavoring.  Robert Tercek will make your enterprise better, smarter and more profitable.

Carl Bressler
CEO, Founder, Montana Artists Agency