Brainstorming Workshops

In just one or two days, I can help a product team or an entire company master new skills to manage group collaboration and the creative process. 

Every company should tune up these skills on a regular basis for optimal results.   Most managers are well-versed in operations and finance, but very few have been trained to organize and lead their teams in creative thinking.   In today’s global competition, no company can afford to neglect to optimize the way they generate ideas.

I’ve worked with teams in every part of the world to devise a custom methodology for generating ideas.   I teach simple, repeatable skills that work.   The best endorsement for my brainstorming techniques is that my clients continue to use these techniques long after I depart.   That’s because they get real results fast.

Here’s how the people I’ve worked with describe my creative brainstorming process:

A poster child for “out of the box” creativity. If you want to turbocharge your creative, innovative thinking, think seriously of contacting Robert. Hey, if he’s good enough for Oprah, he’s good enough for you.

Mark Goulston, Chairman and Co-Founder, Xtraordinary Outcomes

Rob was a great and close partner for us. He brought phenomenal technical expertise and vision, and he also brought an excitement and fun to doing business together. To his personal credit the business was always done as a highly professional, open, fair and mutually beneficial partnership. Highly recommended!

Tim Chambers, Senior Vice President, Sony Digital Services

The label ‘creative’ has become so commonplace that it’s lost its impact, but Robert is the real deal: his spark electrified every project at MTV. There were awards & accolades, but for me, the greatest accomplishment is how his work redefined the way TV was presented in Asia and opened the eyes of an Asian generation of 3 billion when satellite TV first beamed across Asia in 1991.

Kenn Delbridge, Company Director, Supervising Editor, Splice Studios

Robert infuses a careful combination of creativity, expertise, & excitement into every project we worked on together! He understands what the market wants and has the experience to prove it. I look forward to collaborating with Robert in the future!

Justin LaBaw-Rivers, Senior Art Director, Lunchbox

Robert is quite simply one of the most inspiring people I have worked with and is a true visionary in every sense of the word. He really is a unique individual – someone who is well known and respected throughout the entire interactive industry. I feel extremely privileged to have worked with him. He was always ready to listen to new ideas and is one of those people whose finger is not only on the pulse but is the pulse! It is rare to work close with someone of Robert’s qualities. I’m sure many other people would say exactly the same as me.

James Kaye, Co-Founder, Dimoso Agency

Robert is truly a visionary and an inspiration. He has a gift for always being one-step ahead of the pack. Follow Robert’s lead and you follow the future. I look forward to collaborating with Robert again.

Brian Selzer, President & Co-Founder, Ogmento, Inc.

Rob is a pronounced thought leader in mobile and digital entertainment environments. I have consistently valued his strategic authority. He is the Steve Jobs of mobile, and the first person I call in the space.

Adrian Sexton, Vice President, Digital Media, Lionsgate Entertainment

Robert is one of the brightest and most energetic executives I have had the pleasure of working with in my entire career. He is very well informed, he has vision and he is always looking for ways to make his efforts and those of his team the most successful in his industry. He is very worthwhile knowing and meeting. Collaborating with him will be rewarding.

Conrad Prusak, Chairman, Phoenix Vistage International

Rob is inspiring to work with. Just hearing the passion in his voice and literally watching his mind work makes anyone in the creative world jealous. It is an exciting ride to work with Rob. You can’t help but to follow his vision.

Jeff Kelly, Creative Lead, Theatrical & Digital, 20th Century Fox

Robert is a visionary. Beyond recognizing brilliant ideas, his boldness and determination inspire others to take risks. His infectious passion and dedication to driving innovation have pushed me beyond my expectations. If I were to choose only one brainstorming partner, it would be Robert.

Jennifer Severns
Design Director, Harpo Productions