Top Tens, 2010 Predictions and Other Provocative Lists

alice through looking glass CUThis week everybody seems to have a Top Ten list to herald the dawn of a new decade. Never one to miss a chance to jump on a rolling bandwagon, I decided to chime in with my own list of the lists that caught my attention.

Did I miss one? Got a suggestion? I’d love to hear it. Post it in the comments, please!

1. NYT: Bono’s Ten for the Next Ten

Ten items for the next decade that captivate the Irish rocker’s imagination. Characteristically capricious and wide ranging. Bono zooms from the micro to the macro in this assortment of predictions.. See yesterday’s NYT.


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The next frontier: “What is life?”

The next decade will bring amazing technology and, with it, some unprecedented moral questions about what it means to be “human” and “alive”.
Read Martine Rothblatt’s provocative piece about the concept of life in the context of new technology.
“Will Uploaded Minds in Machines be Alive?”

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Be afraid. Very afraid. Smart swarms are here.

For all you singularity-watchers and Diamond Age fans out there, check out these swarming nano-bots.

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YouTube filmmaker Fede Alvarez lands studio deal for $30M

Digital technology puts the tools for great storytelling into the hands of people everywhere. BBC reports that first time director Alvarez will helm a sci fi flick for Sam Rami. What got Hollywood’s attention was Fede’s terrific short film “Panic Attack”, shot for a total of $300 and posted to YouTube a month ago.
Thanks to Ken Rutkowski for the link.

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Where does your disposable plastic junk go?

Check out these shocking photos of albatrosses from the Midway atoll by Chris Jordan. Click on MIDWAY at

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Four trends to watch in 2010

“Never make forecasts, especially about the future.” Wise advice from Samuel Goldwyn.   Which I am now about to ignore at my peril.   Here’s my take on what to expect in 2010.


1. The Dawn of Ambient Awareness & Networked Consciousness

What happens when real-time status updates and news feeds are combined with GPS location data and context-aware computing?  You may experience a new kind of awareness that leverages the perceptions and commentary of other people.  You might call it collective intelligence.  And it will make you smarter. Continue Reading

Revelations! More signs that the Singularity is coming soon

Okay, Kurzweil fans. More grist for your mill.
Accelerating change leads to radical transformations in just a few years.

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Motorola Droid vs Apple iPhone: yet another view

The Motorola Droid features a slide-out keyboard
The Motorola Droid features a slide-out keyboard

With the Droid, Motorola and Google have introduced a credible alternative to the iPhone and Apple’s vision of mobility.

Until now, the reaction among handset manufacturers to Apple’s innovation has been pretty disappointing. For more than a year, the best that the wireless phone makers could muster was mere imitation. One measure of the sheer terror Continue Reading

Another reason to be concerned about your Facebook security settings

Facebook’s decision to turn a friends-only network into a public data feed is not just bad for members, it’s great for spammers, scam artists and creeps. USA Today article.

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The Internet is much bigger than you imagined

These numbers from a typical day on the Internet will blow your mind.
And this medium is still in its infancy. There’s plenty of growth ahead..

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