Robert Tercek’s Three TEDx Talks About Creative Activism and The Future of Media

I’ve had the honor of being invited to make a presentation at three different TEDx events:  TEDxMarin 2011, TEDxTransmedia in Rome 2012, and TEDxHollywood 2014.   These three short talks present a sequence of perspectives on the way creative activists use media to foster social change.

The first talk is called “Reclaiming the Power of Personal Narrative.”  It talks about the rise of social media, the trance of mass media, and the way that creative activists are using newly-democratized access to global media to foster positive social change in their communities all over the world.   This talk focuses on some of the very talented activists who are sponsored by the Creative Visions Foundation in Malibu, California, where I have served as Chairman since 2010.

The second talk is called, “Seven Gifts for Creative Activists“.   This presentation is a compact distillation of my own formula for collaboration among groups.   After 25 years of working with disparate teams all over the world on the launch of TV shows and networks, games, web sites, and other startup ventures, I’ve developed a toolkit that helps give some structure to the creative process.

The third talk is called “From Observer to Activist:  The Role of the Documentary Filmmaker in Surveillance Society“.  This talk consists of a story in three parts:  the rise of democratized media, especially video and film;  the race between private companies and government agencies to control that data;  and finally the evolving role of documentary filmmakers as storytellers who weave meaning and purpose into the tide of audience-generated video content.   In this short speech, I summarize the arguments that I made during my opening presentation at the 2014 Sheffield Doc-Fest, a large film festival in England.

Enjoy these clips.   I’d be very interested in your thoughts and comments.