launches and closes $1.2M seed round

I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping my portfolio of startup ventures make progress.    During the past six months, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with longtime friend Brian Bowman, who just launched social dating site with a big round of funding from Intel Capital, PlentyofFish and the CrunchFund as well as a group of individual investors.      Here’s the news via TechCrunch.

What makes different and, in my view, significant, is that it is the first online dating app to take advantage of social media dynamics.   When Brian first described the concept to me, I was mildly surprised to realize that the big dating sites (, etc) really had not evolved much since the widespread takeup of social networking.   Which is a little odd, since dating and flirting are right at the core of the social experience.    

The older legacy dating sites still keep everything anonymous and require users to fill out cumbersome profiles which are rarely updated.  As a result, these legacy services feel truly static and rather dull.    In a day and age when people are constantly updating their social media presence, these old-school dating profiles are really a relic of the past. Brian launched with the idea that we already have a great profile…. it’s called your Facebook profile.   

I wish Brian and his team the best for continued success.   They have enjoyed an auspicious start! 

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