Making the choice to become the author of your own destiny

On Sunday afternoon, I recorded a “virtual” seminar for Michael Margolis‘s REINVENTION SUMMIT which starts tomorrow. This is the premier online conference for people who are redefining themselves and their careers by using storytelling techniques to reframe their own circumstances and the meaning of their lives.

My seminar is called “THE CHOICE”. It will be the closing session for the online conference, posted this coming Friday. In my usual style, I’ve crafted a visually spectacular series of images to illustrate my talk. My comments focused on the decision that every creative person faces, whether they are entrepreneurs starting a new business or creative artists starting a new project. The choice is to become the author of your own destiny, rather than playing a role scripted by someone else.

Our modern world is entirely planned. It’s not a natural world but an artificial contrivance, constructed by designers, architects, programmers, and producers, all of whom generate “solutions” to everday “problems” in the form of products that we consume. When we consume the product, we purchase the identity, and we inevitably conform to the lifestyle that they’ve manufactured. This is a manufactured identity. Consumer society teaches us to identify with the problems… and purchase the easy solution, rather than teaching us to look inside to discover the limitless resources of our own creative potential.

The first step towards a creative reinvention is to become aware of this imposed narrative, to understand how we’ve been cast into a role, and to see with fresh eyes how we tend to fall into the trance of consuming the manufactured lifestyle instead of inventing our own. In sum, it’s the choice to be the author of your own story, rather than a bit part player in a narrative written by someone else.

I will post the entire video here when it is available. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to check out Michael’s superb seminar.

Michael has assembled a world-class group of experts and teachers for the Reinvention Summit. Check out this unique and affordable online course if you want to learn how you can become the author of your own destiny. Visit the web site to learn how to change your life (and change the world) with your own personal story. Highly recommended!

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