Twilight of the Internet Idols. Will CEO heads roll at Microsoft, RIM and Cisco?

Off with their heads.   Now is the season of investor discontent.   Dissent is brewing among angry shareholders, disappointed with lackluster performance at tech giants Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia and RIM.

Steve Ballmer’s days at the helm of Microsoft are clearly numbered.  His desperate bid to make the company relevant by buying Skype for a ridiculous price has trigged calls for termination, including this screed from the WSJ decrying 8.5 billion reasons to fire Steve Ballmer.   But publications have been complaining about him for years:  WIRED called for Ballmer’s termination more than three years ago.  Now read this devastating critique by Ben Brooks.

One month after admitting he has “lost some credibility“, John Chambers is going nowhere fast as Cisco braces for the biggest layoff in company history.  BusinessInsider says Chambers has failed.

The two-headed hydra that runs RIM has lost its way.   Actually, the company has two CEOs, and three Chief Operating Officers.  No wonder the company seems to be drifting off course.  RIM continues to disappoint, squandering its dominant position in smartphones and confusing its customers, distributors and developer partners.  Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis seems on edge lately, storming out of an interview.

Poor Steven Elop.   He’s only been on the job at Nokia for a couple of months, and already an angry mob of shareholders wants to fire him.   After selling the company out to Microsoft, I can’t say I blame them.   He wrote a memo comparing Nokia to a “burning platform” but his solution, which consists of leaping onto a sinking ship, probably doesn’t help solve the Nordic giant’s problems.

Here’s one politically-incorrect CEO who won’t be stepping down anytime soon.  GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons remains defiant about his habit of shooting elephants.  From his viewpoint, he feels that he is doing poor villagers a service by taking out-of-control wildlife down.  

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