“Information Transformation”: video of Robert Tercek’s speech at Storage Visions at CES 2011

At CES 2011, I gave the opening address to a gathering of executives from the storage industry.  My talk, titled “Information Transformation”, provided examples and vivid metaphors to illustrate the size and scope of the massive change that is occurring right now.  The volume of information generated by our society is so vast that it leaves most people numb: my goal was to reawaken the audience to the possibilities that lie ahead in this new era.  Follow the link to to see the video.

Here’s the short description:

Information Transformation

Every major advance in the course of human civilization has been governed by breakthroughs in media and communications technology.  Today, at the dawn of the second century of electronic media, society is experiencing another massive cultural transformation driven by new ways to communicate and share ideas.  This talk, by one of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive entertainment, provides an inspiring look at the social and economic impact of the age of accelerating information.    If you are experiencing “information overload” and want to learn how your brand message can contend with a rising sea of information, then this is the talk for you.

And here’s the link to the video of my speech:

This clip cuts out at 30 minutes.  The whole speech is 41 minutes, so I will need to upload another version shortly.   I will update this post when I get the new clip uploaded.