Looking for suggestions on how best to put a presentation on the web

I would welcome advice from you, dear reader, about how best to record a presentation and put it on my blog.

During the past six months, I have given a series of speeches that track the way that modern society was shaped by technology.   These talks were pretty ambitious:   my recent talk at Merging+Media covered 500 years of technology in a whirlwind survey.
Lately, I’ve received several requests from people who would like to watch the video online or download the presentation.  So I am looking for a way to record and produce an interactive multimedia version of my speech, using the slides from the talk along with my voice narration, and if possible, links to other web sites.
Here’s my problem:  I don’t have video of most of these presentations.  And besides, a video of me talking wouldn’t be very useful because the important info is in the talk track and the visual images on the projection screen.
The speaker?  Pay no attention to that man at the podium.  Look at the big pictures!
In the past I used a nifty piece of software called FlowGram to create a virtual presentation.   But now the company is defunct. FlowGram was great because you could record an audio narration to ANYTHING:   PowerPoint slides, Flickr photos, a series of web sites, YouTube clips etc.   So it was a like a guided tour.   FlowGram was actually better than anything I can do live on stage with Keynote or PowerPoint.
Any recommendations for producing nifty interactive multimedia slideshows for a web site?

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