Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide for GadgetGrrls and Women on the Go

After receiving several encouraging messages from female readers who liked my 2010 Guys’ Gift Guide, I thought I’d follow up with my holiday gift suggestions for women.   Herewith, a preview of the goodies I am considering placing under the tree for the lady in my life.  Some of these are pure concept, not available in stores yet, so I am still on a quest to find something like them.

I tend to favor practical gifts over whimsical folderol or decorative knicknacks.   These gifts combine aesthetic appeal with practical utility.

1. MacBook Air
This might seem like a slightly odd pick.  From what I’ve read, the general consensus seems to be that the iPad is the gift of the year.   But Apple’s iPad is due for a major overhaul in early 2011, with a more powerful processor and a front-facing camera for Facetime… and probably other goodies.   So instead of investing in obsolescent tech, I will opt for the new Air laptop which combines some nifty aspects of the tablet with some bold innovation in the laptop form factor.   10 hour battery life is kinda amazing.  I owned the first version of the Air, which was a disappointment on many levels.  But now Apple has worked out the kinks, improved the form factor, performance and connectivity.  This is the most desirable laptop computer on the market.
Even Tank Girl needs a Swiss Army knife, complete with nail trimmer and screwdriver.  And a handy USB drive for a quick file transfer.  But don’t bring it with you through airport security unless you want to find out firsthand about those new TSA search procedures.
3. Flowers
Why settle for the buds from the local bodega when you can make it great by putting together bouquet of truly stellar flowers?   There are two shops in my neighborhood in Hollywood that specialize in truly exotic and spectacular flowers.   Check out the ten most amazing flowers in the world.  But think twice before you offer her that Rafflesia Arnoldii.
Nothing combines classic design with convenience like a European scooter.  And when you live in Los Angeles (where weather was deemed obsolete decades ago) there’s no reason not to have one.  Unless you can’t cope with the environmental impact of a nasty two-stroke motor.  That’s where the new Mini E-Scooter line comes in!   Classic lines, contemporary handling and CO2-free transportation.  Good-looking and guilt-free.  What’s not to like?   Well, for starters, it would be nice if this model were a two-seater.
if you love to ski, It just doesn’t get better than this.   Valet ski service, fresh power, endless trails.   They even have a beach so you can work on your tan!   But if you are a snowboarder, you are out of luck because Deer Valley enforces a strictly ski-only policy.   Bad news for shredders but that’s what makes it so tranquil for those who prefer old-school skiing in peace and quiet.    We’re heading to Utah in mid December.  Let it snow!
Once upon a time, when Keanu Reeves was a sci-fi heartthrob, Nokia mobile phones were so advanced, they seemed like a gift from some future era, teleported back to our aesthetically-underprivilged world by sympathetic future descendants.  Then Frank Nuovo departed from his role as chief designer at Nokia, and Apple stole Nokia’s mojo and the mobile magic ended.  No doubt about it:  Nokia is hurting.   But these designs for Bluetooth-enabled jewelry could help restore some luster to the faded Nordic giant.   They look cool and they offer some practical benefits,  because the bracelet lights up when a call comes in, so your lady won’t miss a call when her phone is tucked away in her handbag.
7. Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis Cards
I’ve been interested in neuro-linguistic programming for many years, especially after working with Tony Robbins in 2005.   In the hands of a master, NLP is amazing stuff.   But nowadays, after the runaway success of Neil Strauss’ guide for pickup artists “The Game”, NLP has been co-opted by legions of jerky boys hellbent on some easy action in the clubs on Sunset Strip.   Maybe it’s  time to level the playing field by empowering someone you know with NLP skills of their own.   Salad Ltd in the UK makes handy flashcards that enable you to learn the principles of NLP and Ericksonian conversational hypnosis swiftly in a fun and playful way.   I got the whole set, loved it and had fun sharing it.  The Erickson deck is one of the best products I’ve ever bought on Amazon.   Great stocking stuffer, but be careful, because anyone who masters this stuff will be utterly irresistible.
8. What the Bleep Do We Know?
DVD at Amazon only $12.99
Trippy documentary about quantum physics and the meaning of life.  This is not every person’s cup of tea, but if you’re looking for a gift for somebody who is offbeat and intelligent, they will probably appreciate this film.  It incorporates interviews with theoretical physicists and   scientists interwoven together with a completely bizarre narrative that stars Marlee Matlin in a speaking role.  The story serves as a kind of allegorical counterpoint to the surprising revelations shared by the scientists.  If you are open to science and spirituality, you will enjoy this video.

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