What’s up at the Humanity+ Summit at Harvard this weekend

I agreed to participate at the Humanity+ summit this weekend at Harvard University despite the fact that it required me to duck out early from my 25th Reunion at Williams College. Why?I am fundamentally convinced that the Humanity+ movement represents the single biggest opportunity in our lifetime. Indeed, it may present the occasion to radically revise our concept of what a “lifetime” means. The movement, variously know as transhumanism, singulatarianism, the post-human program and so on, considers the potential impact upon humanity of several rapidly-evolving technologies and scientific disciplines, including nanotechnology and materials science, life science and bio tech, information technology and computer science, artifical intelligence and robotics; and more. The combined impact of these and other technologies will alter our life experience more profoundly than any previous innovation. Human lifespan, intelligence, mental and physical capabilities will be dramatically enhanced and extended by the application of technology to biology. And these changes are likely coming much sooner than most people expect.

The progress is spectacular. And the ideas are at once inspiring and bewildering. It’s an area ripe for speculation and debate. And that’s what’s going on this weekend at the H+ Summit in Cambridge. Tomorrow morning I will give my speech, titled “What Geeks Can Learn From Gurus; Lessons for Transhumanists from the Self Help Experts”. I am planning to draw examples from the Personal Development movement to encourage the H+ movement to do a better job of explaining what the movement is about, what it stands for, and how they engage with the general public. RT
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