Video: Kara Swisher interviews Jason Hirschhorn, David Eun, me and her mom at Sundance!

On Friday, Kara Swisher of AllThingsDigital hosted a panel discussion about Social Media at the Sundance Film Festival. I was excited to join the discussion with smart people from MySpace, Facebook, Google, Participant. It was especially cool to meet filmmaker Ondi Timoner, the two-time winner of the the Sundance Grand Jury award. She added a very pragmatic perspective. It was a lively discussion that covered the evolving role of the audience in storytelling, the economics of online media versus traditional media, the part played by big distribution sites like YouTube, FB and MySpace, and many ways filmmakers can connect directly with their audiences. Here’s the interview that Kara did with Jason Hirschhorn, David Eun, me and her mom (no kidding!):

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