Here comes the next generation of iPhone addicts

This item on MacRumors makes sense.

iPod Touch use has been growing faster than iPhone use.  Appe has now zeroed in on grooming the Touch consumers as the next generation of iPhone users.  Imagine:  a whole generation of adolescent Apple fans growing up to expect (demand?) that their mobile phones are truly versatile gizmos with touch screen interfaces, downloadble apps, personalization, free access to the web, and access to software that spans all devices and networks.   

This may seem obvious today, but just a few years ago it was not obvious to Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, LG, Samsung and other companies whose strategy towards mobile multimedia rested on assumptions about an audience that was locked into desktop machines running Windows and MS Outlook and Office for personal computing.  None of these companies succeeded in recasting their customers as mobile-centric by providing access to a range of software services that span multiple devices and multiple networks.  In a weird way, the mobile handset makers behaved as if desktop computing was an immutable fact, like a law of nature.   They never really tried to posit an alternative scenario.

That’s why today the momentum in mobile software and services is with Apple and Google’s Android.  These two companies have a set forth a bold vision that transforms their audience, literally recasting the user into a new role as mobile migrant who may not necessarily need a desktop computer at all.   


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