Collaborative Creativity now on Australian TV

My speech at the Cross Media Lab in Melbourne was broadcast last week on ABC 2 in Australia.    The theme of this speech was “Collaborative Creativity”, which refers particularly to my passion for including the audience in the process of creating entertainment.    This is harder than it sounds.  I selected three examples from my personal experience in TV, web and mobile to illustrate some of the principals of collaboration via two-way networks.  Not all of these were successful!

My speech was part of a really rich day of presentations at the XML Conference from Stewart Butterfield, Ken Rutkowski, Nick DeMartino, and many other mentors.

The video has been posted on the Australian Broadcasting Company’s web site.

This speech and the hypothesis behind it are very much a work in progress.  I’d welcome your feedback and comments because I’m planning to post a revised FlowGram version of this speech in the near future when I finish a summer of non stop travel.   In the meantime, this video is a nice starting point.