Collaborative Creativity at the X Media Lab in Melbourne

I am very excited to be attending the X Media Lab in Melbourne, Australia on August 1 – 3.   I’ve been invited to give one of the keynote speeches during the opening session.

My talk will address the subject of Collaborative Creativity, especially as it pertains to user-generated content in the context of major media brands.  This is a more challenging proposition than it may seem.  Most media companies are unfamiliar with user-generated content, and many of them are not especially skilled at dealing with customer feedback.  It’s a steep learning curve.
Lately the concept of user-generated content has come under attack in the mainstream media, which is not especially surprising since it’s a direct challenge.  But I think these major news stories tend to gloss over the fact that the bulk of content created in two-way networks (mobile and the web) is predominantly generated by end users conversing amongst themselves.

During my career, I’ve had many occasions to solicit and include creative content from the audience right into a show on TV, at live events, and more recently on the web.   Lots of lessons.    Some difficult ones. Yikes.   During my speech, I’ll describe what I’ve learned from attempting to engage the audience as a participant in a variety of media formats, some more successfully than others.  Hopefully this will serve as both an inspiration and an object lesson to attendees in the workshop who are focused on user-generated content.

I’ll be offline for the next few days as I travel but I’ll post an update when I get to Melbourne later this week.